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    Home > Mystic Topaz Jewelry

    Mystic Topaz Jewelry

    Mystic Topaz Jewelry has only recently become popular in the world of jewelry when it was first introduced in 1998 at the  Hong Kong Jewelry Fair. This impressive gemstone is the product of treating a natural topaz and creating a new color palette. Mystic topazes are genuine topazes that have been cut into facets, then chemically treated with a fine, metallic coating such as titanium. The result is a dazzling rainbow effect with multiple colors that flash and shimmer within the stone as you move the stone around.

    Topaz Stones

    Natural topaz in its clear or nearly colorless form is highly prized for being strong and clean. You can find high quality topaz gemstones in Brazil, Australia, Myanmar, China, Madagascar and Germany that are free of visible imperfections and with a high luster that works well with the chemical process that creates the colors of mystic topaz jewelry.

    Mystic Topaz Jewelry Colors

    The most popular mystic topaz jewelry sets are made with stones treated with a high-quality coating that adheres to the stone creating an aurora borealis effect much like the Northern Lights. The predominant colors are purple and green, with  flashes of blue, orange, red and yellow. By using different metallic coatings, other color combinations can be produced such as oranges or pinks, but the rich combination of purple and green is by far the most popular. At SuperJeweler, we also offer mystic topaz and diamond jewelry. The diamond accents provide a lovely accent, adding additional glimmer to your mystic topaz rings, earrings and necklaces.

    Gold and Silver Options

    Because ladies’ mystic topaz jewelry exhibits a wide range of colors within the stone, it lends itself to being mounted in a wide range of metals. You can have mystic topaz jewelry set in white gold, rose gold or yellow gold and get a completely different effect with each color. A rose gold mystic topaz necklace enhances the deep purple of the stone and adds a warm glow to earrings or other jewelry. Yellow gold contrasts with the deeper colors in the stone and plays up the occasional glints of red, orange or yellow you can see in the depths of mystic topaz. A white gold mystic topaz ring is the perfect choice if you want the mounting to recede into the background and the bold colors of the stone itself to be the focus of all eyes. We offer white gold, rose gold and yellow gold in both 10K and 14K to fit your budget and personal preference. We also have sterling silver mystic topaz jewelry if you’re looking for a high quality stone in a less expensive setting or if you are allergic to gold jewelry.

    Caring for Your Mystic Topaz Jewelry

    While topaz is a relatively hard stone, it does have what is called perfect cleavage, meaning it can crack if struck with a blow along the edge. For this reason, you shouldn’t wear it if you will be using your hands in rough situations. Wearing it in the office or in normal circumstances is fine. To clean Mystic Topaz Jewelry, wash it in warm (not hot) soapy water, rinse in cool water and gently dry with a soft cloth. Never use a brush or abrasives on mystic topaz earrings, as this can scratch the metallic coating that gives the gemstone its wonderful colors.

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